3M Privacy FilterTwitter this, Facebook status that… every egomaniac with a computer seems to think that everyone else in the world wants to know what they’re doing.

Me, I’m the opposite. I like to operate in stealth mode, flying below the radar, keeping what’s mine, mine, and no one else’s.

That’s why I value 3M’s line of Privacy Filters, which attach to the front of your display and keep prying eyes from seeing what you’re working on. Like magic, the filters only let someone sitting directly in front of the display see what’s on there, with little dimming or no distortion.

The filters also practically eliminate glare and serve as a barrier between the elements and your precious display.

And for a good deal less than a Bejamin, they’re reasonably cheap, too:

Other sizes are available, up to 20.1″, but alas no 13.3″ widescreen for Apple MacBooks and other laptops.

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