B&W ZeppelinFerdinand von Zeppelin envisioned the airship that would bear his name in the late 19th century. More than a hundred years later, most people equate Zeppelins to the Hindenberg disaster.

Which makes you wonder why the British speaker maestros at Bowers & Wilkins named their rotund speaker system after the German and Nazi blimps. Actually, maybe the answer is right there: “blimp” doesn’t sound very catchy.

Chances are you’ve never heard of B&W because most their speakers are priced out of the range of the common consumer ($2,000 to $20,000). For those you who know B&W or, better yet, have listened to their speakers, you know the 42-year old firm knows what it’s doing when it comes to acoustic reproduction.

The Zeppelin iPod Speakers System is probably the most consumer-friendly product in the company’s history, even if its $600 price tag takes you a bit aback.

But it’s money well spent when you consider the Zeppelin’s striking design and attention to quality. Dual tweeters and mid-range drivers are complemented by a 5-inch woofer that together deliver a level of audio fidelity that’s simply stunning in a package this small.

Pick one up today and be the envy of all your iPod-toting friends. Apple and Amazon are two of a very select number of retailers, get it from Amazon for $599.95 and pay no tax or shipping.

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