“Drobo – The Worlds First Storage Robot” is how Data Robotics tags the Drobo. We couldn’t agree more. They’ve been available since April, 2007, so while they are a year old at this point, that doesn’t matter… every geek should want one.

We’ve wanted a Drobo ever since we saw one on GeekBriefTV a while ago. Cali Lewis makes it look hot, for sure, but that’s not the only reason we wanted one.

We wanted it because the Drobo is surely the easiest way to get RAID backup in your house without knowing anything about RAID, and without having to learn anything about it to use it. Technically the Drobo doesn’t use RAID… it uses Data Robotics’ SAFE (Secure, Automated, Flexible, Expandable) StorageTechnology, but damned if I know the difference. Kind of like a Mac: “this thing just works”.

The Drobo is ridiculously easy to install and use. The front of the case is simple black and opaque except for four “drive light indicator” holes. The back of Drobo is equally clean. There are large air holes for the internal fan, and two connectors for USB and power. No power button at all… this thing is truly “black box”. There is also a slot for connecting a security cable.

To get it working, all you do is insert some drives, and plug it into your computer. Then you format the drives, and you’re off to the races.

Need a list of reasons to own a Drobo?

  • Automatically protects your data with no setup or configuration. If the status lights are green, your data is safe.
  • Drobo uses Data Robotics’ SAFE (Secure, Automated, Flexible, Expandable) StorageTechnology.
  • Makes storage manageable for anybody, regardless of computer knowledge or technical expertise.
  • Non-Stop Data Protection.
  • Supports up to 4 1.0 TB drives for 2.7 TB of readable disk space (the rest is used for protection of your data)

If you have some spare SATA hard drives laying around, visit the Drobolator to calculate the capacity of your Drobo configuration, then come back here to buy it (so you get the discounted pricing from Amazon). And if you want to get some new drives for your Drobo, check out our previous post on the WD Caviar SE16 640GB drives from NewEgg before you buy drives anywhere else (those are a great deal).

Price: $463.55 (after $20 rebate) from Amazon.com as of this writing.

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