Eclipse 500

So your Web 2.0 venture just got acquired for some millions and you want to go somewhere to celebrate—but you don’t want to just fly first-class since you were already doing that when the terms were being worked out.

Enter the Eclipse 500.

While $1.8 million might put dent in your small fortune, in aircraft speak it’s like getting a Tiffany’s bracelet for a Costco price. The Eclipse 500 is the least expensive and latest Very Light Jet (VLJ) to land at an airport near you.

Rationalizing the purchase of this speedy 4-seater (5 if you and your friends don’t eat a whole pizza each when you go tout) begins with its low operating cost. At $500/hour, you’ll be able to spot your broke peers flying their Citation II’s & Gulfstream IV’s ($1200/hour & $4500/hour, respectively).

A clippy .56 mach cruising speed coupled with a useful load of 2,400 lbs. will still get you to St. Thomas faster than any car in your garage. And once you’re done snorkeling at Sapphire Beach, island-hop through the Bahamas en route to the mainland with a landing distance of 2,250 ft.

Eclipse 500-2But the deal clincher is the ability to fly with only one pilot. Traditional jets are so complex with their hydraulics, turbines, navigation, and more that they require two highly trained pilots to fly them.

By simplifying and streamlining the flight systems and controls, Eclipse allows a proficient pilot to enjoy the views from 41,000 feet with room to spare for their escorts or family.

Navigation and flight controls are displayed and accessed via three high-resolution displays (two 768×1024 PFD and one 1440 x 900 MFD). Side-mounted joysticks (Wiimotes were out of stock) manage surface controls and a sophisticated engine management system allows you to easily harness the 900 pounds of thrust from each of the two Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan engines.

The only downside to owning a jet is requiring the knowledge of how to actually fly one. You can hire someone to pilot your Eclipse or get your Instrument Pilot rating and pass a two-week intensive course to zip along the jet streams as captain of your very own jet.

Configure your ride on the friendly skies here.

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  • John
    Apr 29

    I love it!

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