Eye-FiOn Sunday we showed you that not all Secure Digital (SD) cards are the same, as SanDisk’s Ultra II Plus line features a slick built-in USB 2.0 connector.

Today, we’re raising the SD bar even higher, with the Eye-Fi wireless memory card.

In case the name didn’t make it apparent, the Eye-Fi mates a 2GB SD card with Wi-Fi support, doing away with the need for USB altogether.

The benefit is equally obvious: you can download photos to your computer without cables and, even better, the Eye-Fi software can automatically upload them to photo sharing sites like Flickr. I guess you could think of it as a wireless one-click wonder.

The only thing not so wonderful is the price: at $99.99 basically everywhere, including Amazon the Eye-Fi card is some 4x more expensive than the 2GB SanDisk Ultra II Plus SD card and up to 10x more expensive than some no-name regular 2GB SD card.
Update (5/13/2008) – Eye-Fi has released two new cards: the Eye-Fi Home ($79.99) and the Geotag-supporting Eye-Fi Explore ($129.99). The original Eye-Fi has been renamed the Eye-Fi Share and remains priced at $99.

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