Klipsch ImageNow that more people have iPods than Hayden Panettiere has fans on the Internet (she’s really not that cute, guys), the next best way to advertise to others that you know more about good music than they do is a solid pair of headphones.

The difficulty with that is that most $500 pairs don’t look much better on the surface than a $5 pair.

But not the new Klipsch Image headphones. True to their name, the Image sports some pretty sharp looks, assuming you have a thing for modern, unconventional design—which if you’re a geek you probably do.

It’s not just about looks with the Image; at least, at $349 a pair, I hope it’s not. Fortunately, the Klipsch name ensures that these are quality wares, unless you’re one of those super geek audiophiles who scoffs at anything that doesn’t cost ten-times more than what most people would consider sufficiently expensive.

Along with “true-to-life sound immersion” Klipsch delivers five different ear gel sizes to ensure an extra comfortable fit.

But let’s be honest. You’re not buying these because they’re the world’s smallest in-ear headphones, sound great, or fit fantastic, you’re buying these because they look cool. And the person next to you will respect that much more for it, too.

Bonus – At the time of this posting, Amazon is offering a free 4GB iPod nano if you buy it at the same time as the Klipsch Image earphones. The discount is instant, and saves you a cool $139.66.

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  • Motorola s805 Bluetooth dj Stereo Headphones
    Jun 07

    I have never tried a pair of Klipsch headphones but from the “sounds” of it I will probably never will. They are a bit expensive. I am pretty sure that there should be cheaaper alternatives that are of the same quality…please correct me if I am wrong. Nevertheless, they really look cool!!!

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