Optimus Mini ThreeFor years Art. Lebedev Studio has been crafting some of the hottest products money can’t buy. The company’s Optimus Maximus keyboard, which features individual displays on every keycap, is finally available for order after being vaporware for years but isn’t shipping yet.

In the mean time, there’s the diminutive Optimus mini three, the Maximus’ kid sister that features three keycaps with their own OLED displays.

Think of it as a multitool for your computer: the three keys can be assigned custom functionality depending on which application you’re using and their displays can change accordingly per that function. Or you can set it up to monitor your RSS feeds or email and notify you when there’s a new message.

But this hottness doesn’t come cheap at about $51 per key (that’s $153 total for those without a multiplication table handy that goes up to 51).

Economies of scale seem to be alive and well in the OLED world, however: the 113-key Maximus costs $463, or a little over four bucks a key.

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