Shure SE530While Bose’s QuietComfort Noise-Canceling Headsets are a ubiquitous sight around airports these days, Shure has opted to refine the “quiet cocoon” movement with their SE line of earphones. Their must-have flagship earphones, the SE530 & SE530PTH, keeps Bose at bay by abandoning the clunkiness intrinsic to headset design.

Triple TruAcoustic Micro-Speakers manage your private “soundstage” with dedicated tweeters and dual woofers. The Push-To-Hear feature allows you to shatter your privacy by mic-ing your surrounding environment without removing your earphones.

Custom fit is en-Shured (sorry, had to) with four size variations of their sound isolating sleeves. A carrying case, modular cables (9″ & 3′ lengths connect to the 18″ attached to the earphones), level attenuator and adapters also help manage the pain of parting with half-a-grand for svelte silence.

Gold-plated input jacks, metallic-bronze finish and 2-year limited warranty round out the SE530 package.

While sleeping with the earphones in can still trouble some individuals’ slumber, they do allow for more convenient head positioning when crammed in coach compared to the QuietComforts.

The SE530 is available for $449.99 from Amazon, while the SE530PTH (with the Push-To-Hear accessory included) will set you back $499.99.

If that’s too much money, you can pick up the SE530 from less savory retailers for a reduced price, like this auction at uBid that’s currently offering 10 new pairs for $300 a piece. Or you can settle for a less robust offering from Shure, from the budget SE110 ($99), SE210 ($139), SE310 ($196), and SE420 ($298).

iPhone owners: don’t forget to pick up the Shure Music Phone Adapter ($39), which will let your earphones fit into the iPhone’s skinny headphone port and includes a built-in mic.


  • Justin
    May 21

    damn dude, those look nice

    I’m personally not a fan of earbud style headphones though.

  • Motorola s805 Bluetooth dj Stereo Headphones
    Jun 10

    i agree, earbuds do not necesarily give off the best results.

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