Creative VadoYou know you’ve happened across a good idea when other, larger companies essentially copy your design and try to break themselves off a piece of your pie.

Such is the case with the Flip Video Camcorder, which took the low-end market by storm earlier this year with its tiny size, mediocre video quality, and affordable price. The Flip sells for $99 in its most basic 512MB configuration with a low-res LCD and goes up to $149 for the Ultra model that can store up to 60 minutes of video and has a higher resolution screen.

Today, Creative launched the Vado Pocket Video Cam. The Vado sports similar features to the Flip, including a four letter name. Other specs:

  • 2GB of internal memory
  • 640×480 video capture (30 fps)
  • 2x digital zoom
  • up to 120 minutes of video capture (60 minutes on “excellent” quality)
  • 2-inch LCD (640×240 resolution)
  • 130 minutes of battery life
  • built-in USB plug

All in all, the Vado is solid knock-off of the Flip, exceeding some of the Flip’s features for a lower price: just $99. Unlike the Flip, the Vado is available in only two colors (Silver and Pink) and uses a built-in rechargeable battery instead of AA’s.

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  • PinkLaptopBags
    Aug 25

    I was not having any idea about such things but you have let me know about it. so thanks. love to have it but Flip sell price $99 is not in budget now so I can have it in next month. thanks

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