Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack 600If you have ever found yourself with a dead car battery, you know what a chore getting a jump start can be at times.

But if you had Duracell’s DPP-600HD Powerpack 600 in your trunk, you wouldn’t have to worry.

This mega-battery-to-go packs 28 amp-hours, enough juice to jump your car or provide up to 600 watts of power to electronics. What can you do with 600 watts?

  • charge your cell phone for up to 35 hours
  • power a laptop for up to 7 hours
  • drive a 13-inch color TV for 5.5 hours
  • even juice a small jigsaw for about 20 minutes

This amount of power makes the Powerpack 600 not just handy for your car, but also your campsite or area of your home or garden where a power receptacle isn’t handy.

Did we mention it also has an AM/FM clock radio and emergency light? It’s also surprisingly small: just 16.5″x11″ around its base.

Pick one up from Amazon for $109.99 and take advantage of the free shipping, important since this beast weighs about 25 pounds.

If you don’t need all that juice, you can spring for the more affordable Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300 ($74.99), which delivers half the power in a smaller package. It also trades the jumper cables for an air compressor, a feature we wish they could have put in the Powerpack 600, as well.

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