Eye-Fi ExploreEarlier this year we told you about the Eye-Fi wireless SD card, a 2GB Secure Digital (SD) card for your camera that features built-in Wi-Fi for easily and automatically uploading your photos.

Today, the same folks unveiled their latest masterpiece: the Eye-Fi Explore. The Explore packs the same features as the standard Eye-Fi card (now called the Eye-Fi Share), but adds unlimited Geotagging support.

For those not in the loop, Geotagging is the latest and hottest buzzword in photography. Geotagging attaches the location you took a photo to the photo’s metadata information, so you not only have time, date, and camera settings, but also a note on the general vicinity where the picture was snapped.

The Eye-Fi Explore pulls off this neat trick by leveraging its Wi-Fi capability, searching for networks nearby and determining approximately where you are. Of course, this means if you’re somewhere where there’s no Wi-Fi, you’re probably out of luck. But cities and most developed areas are fair game, even in some foreign countries.

To make things better, Eye-Fi is including a 1-year account to Wayport hot-spots, so you can upload your photos from any of their 10,000+ hotspots across the U.S., all without ever touching your computer. Access to Wayport hotspots in subsequent years will set you back $19 a year, but—c’mon—in a year they’ll be an even niftier SD card out there.

The Eye-Fi Explore was just announced and isn’t yet being sold online. We’ll update this post with a link to the best price when it is!

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