Any geek is a true collector of action figures and other toys that help them remember their youth. Especially if we’re talking Marvel Comics.

What self respecting geek wouldn’t totally want to own their very own Marvel Comics’ Iron Man Mask?

Leave it to Disguise (via Amazon of course) to take care of you if you’re an adult, as they’ve got to have the coolest Iron Man mask (they’re calling it a “helmet”) we can find. The Helmet measures 10-inches long x 9-inches wide, with a depth of 10 1/2-inches. Fits sizes from large to extra large, with a maximum of 24-inches in circumference. $99.99, and you can have one just for yourself.

Don’t forget to pair that Iron Man Mask with a great Iron Man “vest” T-shirt, if you’re planning on going as Iron Man for Halloween. Start working out now though, if you think you’ll want to have all of your bulges and curves in the right place… and no 12 ounce curls don’t count guys. $28 from

And you can top off your Iron Man fixation with a cute little Iron Man bobblehead doll, from for $15.

Lastly, if you’re looking for Iron Man masks for real kids, turn to Factory Card and Party Outlet, as they’re offering Iron Man party masks for kids at around $5 for 8. They also have just about anything else you might want, for a kids Iron Man themed birthday party, for sure.


  • Kevin Stecko
    May 09

    Thanks for the link to! We have the mask and the t-shirt you posted about for less money than on Amazon!

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    May 11

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  • Dan
    Oct 09

    Gotta get one of the Iron Man vest shirts!

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