Hey! You! Yea, you! This is a message from future you! The year is 2018 and I can’t type worth a damn anymore because of RSI. Voice recognition has come a long way, but surfing the Web for illicit content by talking to the computer just makes me feel dirty. I sure wish you had done something other than just peck away at flat keyboards for the last 25 years at the expense of your muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Fortunately, you still can. And it doesn’t require as radical a change as swapping your regular keyboard for an AlphaGrip. I’m talking about Kinesis’ contoured Advantage USB keyboards.

Splitting a keyboard in half and putting the keys in two craters may seem silly, but it actually creates one of the most comfortable and natural typing positions around.

Kinesis Advantage USB

What you get:

  • Mac and Windows support
  • integrated 2-port USB hub
  • memory for recording vast macros (even more so with the Pro model)
  • looks from hot girls (the same looks you get while driving your VW Thing)

Ready to save your wrists? Pick up the Advantage for $269 or the Advantage Pro for $323 from ErgoWarehouse (via Amazon). Both are about $30 below retail and the cheapest prices you’ll find.

P.S. – Would you believe that a Bush is president again in 2018? I know, right… I wish I had as easy a tip to give you for saving the U.S. as I did for savings your wrists.

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