Moleskine City NotebookMoleskine notebooks are widely regarded as best in class, and not just because they tout their wares as the “heir of the legendary notebook, used by… Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemmingway, and Chatwin”. Everyone I regard as being smart or creative has a Moleskine (myself included!), usually one of the smaller ones with the sturdy cover that can conveniently and safely be carried with anywhere.

Looking to capitalize off the Moleskine owner’s penchant for traveling and journaling, the company recently launched a number of City Notebooks, which pack color maps, guides, transportation details, and more into a single notebook. Smartly so, Moleskine sells its the City Notebooks in the same small form factor (3.5″ x 5.5″) that’s so popular, complete with elastic closure and durable faux-leather cover. You get 228 pages in a City Notebook, up to 44 of which are in color and 76 of which are blank white for jotting down your thoughts.

If you plan on spending any significant amount of time in a city away from home, the City Notebook is a no-brainer, and an easy way to divide the chronicles of your journeys up by location.

Pick your poison from this list (Moleskines seldom sell for much below retail, so save your time bargain hunting and pick one up from Amazon below).:

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