Sennheiser MX 75 Sport HeadphonesAs in: “Worry less about your earphones falling out.”

Headphones and athletics usually don’t mix well. For practical reasons, you don’t want to spend much money since you know they’ll be exposed to less than calm conditions.

At the same time, you don’t want them to sound like crap and you certainly don’t want them falling out of your ears.

Sennheiser’s MX 75 Sport Headphones fit the bill perfectly: excellent audio and build quality from the legendary German manufacturer, first-rate fit, and an affordable price.

Unlike other sport earphones, the MX 75′s feature a unique design that forgoes the traditional ear-clips or over/around-the-head designs. They stay in place with a combination of friction and clever design, regardless of the shape of your ears.

Like other models in Sennheiser’s Sport line, they’re also virtually impervious to sweat. I know nothing irritates me more than a drop of sweat working its way into an earphone and muffling out the bass for the remainder of the work-out. In fact, I can even forgive Sennheiser’s unusual color selection for the Sport line since they flat-out rock.

And the best part?

The MX 75 Sport headphones retail for $50 but can be found at Amazon for just $29.99 with free shipping.

(If you like the Twist-to-Fit idea and don’t need the Sport features or gnarly green color, go for the Street model for just $19.99.)

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