My buddy Rich runs a popular blog CrateDigger. On CrateDigger, Rich usually posts a mix in MP3 format of a few songs from his collection of albums, that’s vinyl to you young geeks out there, from his latest crate digging experience. And I love it.

At the same time, I have about 50 albums in my own milk-crate that quite honestly, I just don’t listen to that much anymore because I’m afraid to damage them.

Enter the TEAC Vinyl-to-CD Recorder and Audio System: the GF-350 Turntable CD-Recorder.

Use this Vinyl-to-CD Recorder to burn entire albums or create a customized compilation. Just Load a blank CD in the CD tray, put your favorite 33, 45, or 78 RPM record on the turntable, press Record, lower the tone arm, and hit Play—it’s that easy. No, really.

You can also plug in your own external analog audio source, if you want to more options for digitizing your music. You don’t need Apple’s Garage Band and a bunch of adapters to get your guitar riffs on CD.

It also has two 3-inch speakers, so you can listen along to the album you’re recording while recording it, without having to hook it up to a big sound system…

Finally, enjoy that warm sound that only vinyl can give, but on your iPod after you rip that CD to back to MP3 or AAC.

You’ll find this same system for $400 at other websites, but it’s only $250 at

Price: $259 from


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