Denon AH-C751 EarphonesDenon is best known for its high-performance A/V receivers, but the company also puts out a solid line of headphones.

The AH-C751 earphones represent the pinnacle of Denon’s in-ear headphones. Among the features:

  • aluminum housing (nice)
  • 11mm diaphragms
  • OFC cabling
  • 16 ohm input impedance
  • 104dB/mW sensitivity
  • 3 ear pad sizes
  • carrying case, extension cable included

The AH-C751 earphones have received solid critical praise and sell for $199 from most retailers, including Amazon.

But the folks at Provantage (a very reputable reseller) are dishing out stock for much less: just $118.78 for the silver model, and $119.84 for the black version, making the AH-C751 earphones one of the best values in this segment.

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