There’s something about buying cool gear from yester-year at less than half price that we like (or, in the case of the recent Logitech iPod Audio Station, 10% of its original price).

Especially when that gear is something like JBL’s On Tour portable speakers.

Let’s see what the On Tour has going for it:

  • sleek and small package
  • 24-hour battery life (4 AAA batteries)
  • AC adapter included
  • 2 Odyssey Neodymium drivers, 3 watts each
  • compatible with virtually any device
  • PSP bracket for attaching to and boosting your PSP’s audio

What it doesn’t have going for it is that it’s a portable speaker system, meaning you’re not going to want this to be your only way to rock out. Camping out? You’re fine. In a treehouse? Also solid. At the beach? You may be pushing it.

Reviews were positive for the On Tour (7/10 by CNET, 8.6/10 by CNET readers), but its $100 price tag put it beyond that impulse buy or just-in-case price range.

But forget all that now, because the On Tour is going on three years old, and Yugster is hawking them for just $39.95 including shipping. Quantity is limited (Yugster is a deal-a-day site but keeps selling items until they’re gone), so act now, you never know when you’ll need it!

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