P3 Kill A Watt PSWe’ve previously featured P3′s Kill A Watt, an affordable gadget (around $25) for letting you measure how much electricity a device in your home is drawing.

While you could plug a power strip into the basic Kill A Watt and figure out how much current the whole kit-n-caboodle is drawing, a better choice would be to spring for the Kill A Watt PS, which features 8 outlets (including 2 for wide transformers) and the ability to tell you what each outlet—or all of them—are drawing.

It can even clue you in to the specifics of current leakage, or the amount of electricity a device is still consuming even when it’s “off”.

With a suggested retail price of around $100 the Kill A Watt PS doesn’t come cheap, but the retail wizard at Buy.com has it for $62.99.

Like the Kill A Watt, the Kill A Watt PS can’t automatically tell you how much your electricity usage is costing you, you’ll have to figure that out later by multiplying the watts used by what your electric company charges you.

Which is a bit of a shame, since the original Kill A Watt’s big brother, the Kill A Watt EZ, can calculate cost ($39.95 from BrandsPlace or $39.99 from NewEgg).

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  • NCS
    Jun 04

    I think that the Kill A Watt, is an excellent solution for home needs,such as audio and video equipment.
    The didital meter comes in handy for people want to know what kind of draw their is producing. I do highly recommend the Kill A Watt PS and it’s affordable price.

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