Have you ever found yourself looking up at the sky at night, struggling to remember what constellation’s you’re looking at? Can you only pick out a few constellataions like Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, and maybe find the North Star?

Were you a Boy Scout in a previous life, and used to know a lot more about our universe and the cellestial bodies than you know now?

I fit all of those descriptions, which is why I think the Celestron SkyScout is so cool.

Using GPS and a look-through point and click interface, the SkyScout can identify over 6,000 stars, planets and constellations from it’s built in database, on the fly. It also provides comprehensive text and audio descriptions of the history, mythology and significance of each object you’re looking at.

The red LED backlit display will come in handy at night-time too, since it’ll be bright when you’re out in the dark wilderness (or your back yard) but won’t be blindingly bring like white lights would be.

Lastly, because they’ve included a USB port for database download and updating, as well as the ability to use Sky Tour audio presentations (like All about the Stars and Astronomy for Beginners) for interactive tours of the night sky, I’m not worried at all about this thing getting “out of date” and not being used over the years.

Price: $299.99 from Amazon.com

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