Sennhesier HD555 Headphones Sennheiser is known for its legendary headphones. The company’s flagship HD650 audiophile headphones ($600 retail) are the subject of much debate among the sonically gifted (or those who think they are).

Do they sound better with a $100 cable? How about a $1,700 tube amplifier?

How about this: you’re smarter than that, and recognize that the marginal benefit of these ultra-high end products and add-ons represent a terrible value proposition.

That’s why, for you, we’ve selected Sennheiser’s HD555 headphones. Like the HD650, these also feature a wide open design (you can hear everything around you, and everyone can hear you music), which creates a uniquely rich and deep listening experience.

While we haven’t tried them, many regard the HD555 headphones as the best bargain this side of $150 (the Bose On-Ear Headphones we’ve tried and recommend sell on the other side, at around $160).

In fact, you don’t even have to spend that much: Amazon sells them for $98.99.

But, for who knows how long, Dell is blowing all competitors out of the water with this unheard of deal: just $69.99 (plus tax in some states; shipping is free).

If you have the extra money, we still prefer the Bose for their more compact size and booming bass (the HD555′s are said to be tuned a little “warm”), but at $70 the HD555′s cannot be ignored.

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