Garmin GR60Let’s face it, fitness is all in the numbers. How far you’ve run. How many calories you’ve shed. How many ounces of sweat you’ve sacrificed. Now you can track that information (minus the sweat) as the Garmin FR60 watch wirelessly collects data from compatible scales, treadmills and other gym equipment while you exercise.

The FR60 uses a low-power radio called ANT+, which uses less than power than Bluetooth, which will guarantee you replacing the battery only once a year.

It works like this: Go to a gym with equipment that shows the ANT+ logo. Workout. The watch starts grabbing info as soon as it’s within a foot of the transmitter. Shower (please) and go home. Put the FR60 near the ANT+ adapter plugged into your PC or Mac and it will automatically upload stats to the fitness software so you can analyze your workout.

Buy for $200 from Amazon

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