Garmin Forerunner 405CX GPS Sports WatchIf you’re a serious runner, you know the pros and cons of the Nike+. The biggest problem with it is that you can’t monitor your performance in real time and adjust your speed and cadence on the road. The bottom line is that the Nike+ is great to evaluate your performance after a run.

So what the best device to help you while you’re on the road? Hands down it’s the Garmin Forerunner 405CX. The CX model is an upgrade to the 405 and honestly the only thing that’s changed is a firmware upgrade. Among it’s changes, it now calculates calories burned based on your heart rate instead of based on your distance (which the Nike+ does).

The 405CX weighs only 60 grams and lets you track speed, distance and location. It has this bezel based interface that lets you control it by tapping, holding or running a finger along the bezel (a lot like an iPod).

Once you’re home and cooled down, the 405CX uses ANT+ technology which sends workout data to a PC or Mac wirelessly so you don’t even need to take off the watch. And the 405CX offers a wealth of data. You can see current pace, average pace, total time, time left, distance left, heart rate zone, time of day, heart-rate, % or max heart rate, and many more.

Obsessed with running? This is the watch.

Buy for $370 from Amazon

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