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Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
Logitech's is the firs keyboard we've seen that makes a compelling case for hanging up our . It's a bit bulkier (we hope that palm rest can be removed) but still stands less than 1cm tall. Its low-profile keys have a bit more travel than your average laptop keyboard (or Apple's) abilify 10mg pills $91.00, which Logitech says improves typing speed. We're not convinced, but we do dig on the backlit illuminated keys. [abilify 10mg pills $91.00] What's even better is that the Illuminated Keyboard will retail for just $79. 99 (and probably cost much less from retailers, if it's anything like other Logitech products). We'll update this post when it's available, or go to Logitech's site and punch in your email address and they'll shoot you a note when abilify 10mg pills $91.00 you can buy it.

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