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Leatherman k502x k503x
We like knives. They're compact and useful. Typically, the more compact, the more useful they end up being, since the small ones you can have in your pocket all the time. The 4. 5-inch, 7-ounce knives fits the bill perfectly with some clever features:
  • sweet blade (straight on the k502x, straight/serrated on the k503x)
  • interchangeable bit driver
  • 3 double-sided bits aceon 4mg pills $263.00 can be stored in the handle
  • Phillips #1 and #2; 1/4", 3/8", and 1/4" flathead; #15 torx included (more can be purchased)
  • can opener
  • combination carabiner/bottle opener
  • pocket clip
Granted aceon 4mg pills $263.00, you don't get a saw, magnifying glass, or corkscrew like you might with a similarly-sized Swiss Army Knife, but how often would [aceon 4mg pills $263.00] you use those things, anyway? Grab the , or spring for the . Aceon 4mg pills $263.00 both prices represent solid savings compared to the $90 suggested price.

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