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Norelco arcitectWhile some geeks pursue a hygiene regime akin to , many still seek the clean, attractive look belonging to . Norelco's latest and greatest electric razor, dubbed (or if you prefer model numbers) , will help the latter sort pursue facial stardom, although it's still missing that much-desired double-chin chopper. Many electric shavers have their fair share of gimmicks, Norelco not excluded given their Nivea lotion spewing habit which they've yet to kick. So it is refreshing to see new aceon 8mg pills $294.00, technology-bending designs appear from time to time. Especially ones that sport "real carbon fiber" (which geeks covet as much as titanium, of course). The arcitec drops jaws by reducing the shaving heads to a svelte, triple-axis platform supported by a pivoting base. By increasing the shaving heads' flex you can tackle those hard to reach places, like your sculpted neck and dimpled cheeks. Another improvement is the Triple-Track shaving heads. Norelco claims that one Triple-Track head clear-cuts 50% more stubble than lesser, single-track heads. With three heads, you're improving your chances of fewer strays. Unless you're shaving in the dark, at which point you're just gambling with your . Aceon 8mg pills $294.00 cleaning is a snap with the included jet clean system (must every feature have its own catchy captitalized moniker?). In addition to recharging your shaver (it will work for 65 glorious minutes of narcissistic pleasure on a full aceon 8mg pills $294.00 charge), the Jet Clean rinses, disinfects and dries using their proprietary "solution containing glycerin, de-mineralized water and lubricants. " It even knows just how intense the cleaning must be based on usage and gunk build-up. You can also rinse it under the tap, but don't go showering or skinny dipping with this model, buy the waterproof ($143. 71) model [aceon 8mg pills $294.00] instead. The only downside to the arcitect: the precision tube trimmer is crazy small and basically useless. Unlike traditional flip trimmers with wide, gnashing teeth, this dainty cutter is more useful at producing white noise than cutting 'burns. Keep that in mind if you're constantly updating your soul patch or porn 'stache. The retails for $200 but can be had from Amazon for $182. 84 at the time of this posting. If you're on a budget, go for the which nixes the Jet Clean system and $23 off the price.

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