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a little while ago, i wrote up the . Technology doesn't wait for people, and neither does Canon. On October 1st, Canon will be shipping the , which is a huge upgrade. The video processor on the Vixia HF11 can now capture video at the AVCDH codec's max speed of 24Mbps (the HF100 and HF10 can only capture video at 17Mbps) and while this seems like a big upgrade, it's really just a technological upgrade and doesn't affect video performance that much. The big upgrade is in the limit on the size of the memory card each camcorder supports. The older model only supports up to 16GB of memory adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $76.00, while the HF11 will take a 32GB memory [adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $76.00] card alongside it's internal 32GB memory adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $76.00 card, more than doubling the amount of footage you can capture. And our standard disclaimer is that we recommend picking up and a few extra memory cards ( or if you can) and you'll be set. Price:

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