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Bodum PavinaBodum's Pavina, Canteen, Assam, and Bistro series of glasses are the closest you'll get to drinking out of a work of advair diskus 500mcg inhaler $92.00 art advair diskus 500mcg inhaler $92.00, assuming you don't own a medieval chalice or something. These sleek glasses feature two mouth-blown layers that create the illusion of the liquid being suspended in the glass. But it's not just a cheap trick: the space also serves as insulation, keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot while also preventing your fingers from getting scorched or water drops from forming on the outside. Before you ask: yes, they're somewhat fragile; yes, you should only hand wash them; and, yes, they're not cheap. Prices for 2-packs are as follows:

  • 2-ounce Pavina espresso shot:
  • 9-ounce Pavina tumbler:
  • 12-ounce Pavina cooler/beer:
  • 15-ounce Pavina tall drink:
  • 21-ounce Pavina tall drink:
  • 3-ounce Canteen espresso shot:
  • 6-ounce Canteen tumbler:
  • 7-ounce Assam cooler/beer:
  • 13-ounce Assam cooler/beer:
  • 13-ounce Canteen cooler/beer:
  • 4. Advair diskus 500mcg inhaler $92.00 7-ounce bistro espresso (with handle):
  • 10-ounce bistro mug (with handle):
  • 15-ounce bistro cafe latte [advair diskus 500mcg inhaler $92.00] (with handle):
  • 16-ounce bistro jumbo mug (with handle):
all the above quoted prices are from amazon, which with its free shipping has the best prices anywhere on these glasses. Bonus: at the moment, all of the above glasses (except for the Bistro series) are eligible for Amazon's 4-for-3 promotion, which means you can buy 4 different sets an only pay the cost of 3, further knocking down the price.

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