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OneShareGas is headed for $5 a gallon. The price of food is up 40 percent over the last 3 years. Unemployment is zooming. Car sales are in the toilet. And the stock market? Well let's just say it's technically not a "loss" until you actually sell your shares. The best strategy for your portfolio during these tumultuous times is the same allopurinol 300mg pills $90.00 it's always been: diversify, diversify, diversify. And what better way to diversify your holdings than to purchase just one share of stock in a number of different companies? That's what the good men and women at do: they sell you just one share of stock. Allopurinol 300mg pills $90.00 but it's not just a share that you see as a number in your e*trade portfolio online allopurinol 300mg pills $90.00, it's an actual, physical share of stock. Nothing says [allopurinol 300mg pills $90.00] "We're not headed for a 1920's recession, I swear!" more loudly than stashing away shares of stock. . . like they did in the 1920's. Not only do you get an actual paper share, it also comes professionally framed, so that years later you can tell your grandkids that their college trust fund is actually that nice wooden frame. "What's Ford?", they'll innocently ask you. Speaking of Ford, OneShare is offering $10 off Ford, GM, GE, and Wal-Mart shares for the month of July. Seeing as the first three are trading at near legendary lows, the might actually have some growth potential down the line. Wal-Mart's stock price, of course, is jugging along happily—not unlike the devil during down times. Here's what all this is going to cost you:

  • the current price of the stock (plus a small premium)
  • an optional frame ($34-$64)
  • an optional matte ($5)
  • an optional engraving ($10)
  • a transfer fee for the share of the $39
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