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Renault Fluence Z. E.  concept
We're seeing a slew [amitriptyline 10mg pills $83.00] of electric car being previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but few are being guaranteed as real production vehicles for the future. Amitriptyline 10mg pills $83.00 this is one of the exceptions. It's the Fluence Z. E. from (Z. E. standing for zero-emissions). It's targeted at the single-car amitriptyline 10mg pills $83.00 family who wants a vehicle for every day use to work, but wants to go to the country on the weekends. It's an electric version of the five-seat Fluence sedan with a range of 100 miles and will be the first to make it into production in early 2011, Renault said. Renault also unveiled a “Quickdrop” system, which would allow batteries to be swapped out in three minutes at special battery stations. Otherwise amitriptyline 10mg pills $83.00, the vehicle will take four hours to eight hours to charge via a socket, or they can get a quick charge in 20 minutes. It will initially be available in Israel and Europe, but Renault has said it has plans to release the vehicle in North America.

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