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MacUpdate PromoSteeply discounted bundles of Mac applications have become a quarterly event recently, it seems, and Mac users couldn't be happier about it. The latest offering on the block comes from Mac software tracking Web site , whose packs about $475 worth of software into a $65 package. None of the artane 2mg pills $227.00 10 included applications are fluff, either. The flagship app in the bundle is Parallels, [artane 2mg pills $227.00] the virtualization software that lets you run instances of Windows or Linux on Intel-based Macs. Seeing as Parallels is both hugely popular and normally costs more than the entire bundle, we'd say that's pretty sweet. Artane 2mg pills $227.00 there's also a handful of nifty utilities to help your organize your life and save time, as well as the surprisingly powerful sound studio audio editing package. Like all bundles, a few of these applications—including Parallels—are "locked" until a certain number of bundles are sold. But if past performance is any indicator, it's only a matter of time before that happens, as every previous Mac software bundle has sold tens of thousands of copies by the time all is said and done. And sometimes artane 2mg pills $227.00, those who jump on early are rewarded later. . . The .

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