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HTC HeroThe smart phone landscape continues to grow from a trickle to a flood. But as with any electronic product, the cream rises to the top and the is doing just that. Based on Google's , it's winning accolades for its simplicity and customization, to name a few. Respected Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg that the Hero stands out because of its touch-screen keyboard (much like the iPhone), synchronization with Microsoft's Exchange service, and its manufacturers "own signature software layer" called 'Sense' that sits atop Android giving the Hero additional and much-needed functionality. Sense also offers something called Scenes, which is a collection of screens and apps that can change the phones look and feel. You can switch from a work-oriented scene with apps like aspirin 75mg pills $195.00 a stock tracker and work e-mail [aspirin 75mg pills $195.00] on the weekdays to a music-oriented scene on the weekends with a music player, photo album and personal e-mail. "I found the HTC Hero to be the best Android phone I've tested, and a worthy competitor to the iPhone aspirin 75mg pills $195.00, the BlackBerry and the Pre, " Mossberg wrote. His pluses: the growing library of Android apps (now over 8, 000), a much higher resolution camera than the iPhone or Pre at five megapixels, and a "clear and strong" speaker phone. Aspirin 75mg pills $195.00 his minuses: poor battery life at well below the promised five hours, and a sometimes unresponsive touch screen. It will be available from Sprint in the U. S. on October 11 for $180 after a $100 rebate with a new two-year service agreement, but is also available in an international, unlocked version from Amazon at the links below.

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