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Sharp Limited Edition LCD TVThe "limited edition" marketing behind this monster TV amuses me, as I picture old Japanese men in 40 years paying millions of dollars for a chance to relive the "limited edition" experience of TV in atarax 25mg pills $117.00 2008. Right. To be fair, this TV no doubt is a limited edition (like everything out there, really—nothing is made forever) because so few people can afford it. I'd never even heard of it until American Express decided to toss 5 of them up today for the bargain price of $5, 000. There's no word on what this thing actually retails for, but it has all the best numbers you'd want in a TV, like 1080p HD, 10-bit advanced Super View/Black panel, 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio, 120Hz picture, and 7 HDMI ports. It's also bananas thin (as in, "it's as thick as a banana" or "it's so thin atarax 25mg pills $117.00, it's bananas") and has an LED backlight, which is unheard of for a TV this size. Atarax 25mg pills $117.00 so try for one in 20 minutes with your amex card (as if anyone reads these posts as soon as [atarax 25mg pills $117.00] they're written), or try to get take one home on your next travel to tokyo. Just don't try to find anything else about it, as it seems information on it is also "limited edition", save for this small post .

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