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sendstation-pocketdock-line-out-mini-usb-pluggedthe adapter from sendstation is by far the smallest device on the market that transforms the dock connector of an ipod into a mini usb port and line-level audio output port. The palm-sized adapter can be used anywhere to (1) charge your iPod via the mini USB port and (2) crank audio out to any device via the line-level audio output port. There are two great advantages to the line-level audio output [avanafil 100mg pills 32 $160.00] port: It lets you to avanafil 100mg pills 32 $160.00 easily connect to your home or car stereo or DJ equipment and line out consumes slightly less power avanafil 100mg pills 32 $160.00, resulting in longer iPod/iPhone battery life. Think of the PocketDock Line Out Mini USB adapter this way. . . it's one less cable to have to carry around.

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