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The Source Hot Saucebaclofen 10mg pills $109.00] width="250" height="222" hspace="10" vspace="10" align="right">Fastest. Biggest. Coolest. Sleekest. Geeks like adjectives that end with -est. So let's throw "hottest" into the mix and point you to The Source Hot Sauce because, we assure you, nothing even comes close. If the near-$100 price tag for a 1 oz. bottle doesn't have you convinced, allow us to refer you to the rating: 7, 100, 00. That's right, Dr. Evil, seven-point-one million. For comparison's sake baclofen 10mg pills $109.00, the world's hottest chilli pepper is the (commonly called the Ghost Pepper). Baclofen 10mg pills $109.00 baclofen 10mg pills $109.00 a friend who enjoys tasting the ghost explained that experience like this: "the first time i chopped one up it was like someone set off pepper spray in the kitchen. " And the Ghost carries a scoville rating of just around 1 million. Pick up The Source—if you dare—for and add your experience to some of these reviews:

"This stuff almost sent my brother to the emergency room!" "It's like someone shot me in the face. It's an incredible experience. " "I like hot stuff but this thing was a killer. I put a tiny dab of it on a toothpick and was sick the rest of the day. "
Or, if you want something you can actually consume undilluted, check out the Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition, which packs 750, 000 scoville units (a jalapeno measures about 7, 000, by the way) and will only set you back .

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