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LaCie Starck Hard Drive 2
Starck. Philippe Starck. This French product designer is probably best known for his spectacular interior designs and mass produced consumer goods like toothbrushes, chairs, and even houses. Biaxin 500mg pills $230.00 now he's designed (or re-designed) the tired and boring hard drive enclosure to create the new . Available in capacities ranging from 320 to 500 gigabytes for the portable model (seen at the top of the above photo) and one to two terabytes for the external, these drives feature curvy, shiny, organically-shaped front surfaces with tough gray shells. The desktop version's front is touch-sensitive biaxin 500mg pills $230.00, allowing you to open applications, like Firefox or Word, with the [biaxin 500mg pills $230.00] touch of a digit using LaCie's Destkop Manager software. For added effect, it's got a status LED light that shines an orange biaxin 500mg pills $230.00 plus sign -- Starck's signature symbol -- on the front.

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