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I attended a trade show in Vegas recently celebrex 200mg pills $154.00, and I met the PR person from . She handed me a pair of funky sunglasses that were connected to an iPod, and I asked her what to do with them. "Put them on" she said. So, I did. Wow. Talk about totally awesome. These shades were freakin' awesome. I was watching and listening to a movie and it looked like I was watching the movie in a movie theater. . . and sounded like it to. Celebrex 200mg pills $154.00 this is the future of how we'll watch video from our ipods or iphones in the future, if is successful getting people to adopt them. At $200, they aren't a bad price if you already own an iPod or iPhone, and are pretty cost-effective too, if you were thinking of buying a portable DVD player, considering how little they weigh and how much space they don't take up celebrex 200mg pills $154.00 [celebrex 200mg pills $154.00] in your carry-on baggage if you travel a lot. Oh, and she also told me about a special they are running at myvu until the end of this month:

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