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Cephalexin 250mg pills $117.00 Samsung SpinPoint M6 500GB BundleHitachi has been shipping a 500GB 2. 5-inch (laptop size) hard drive for some time (), but its 12. 5mm height restricts its use to Apple's 17-inch MacBook Pro and similarly large PC laptops. Samsung's SpinPoint M6, meanwhile, is the world's first 500GB 2. 5-inch drive with a 9. 5-mm profile, letting considerably more laptops hit the internal half-terabyte mark, [cephalexin 250mg pills $117.00] including the rest of Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops (Air excluded). The 500GB M6 sounded great when it was announced last year and even better when Samsung said it had started shipping the drive in March. The only problem was you couldn't find it anywhere in the U. S. Until now. Other World Computing recently started shipping the drive as part of a that includes the company's cephalexin 250mg pills $117.00 USB 2. 0 2. 5-inch case, so you can still make use of your old drive. All told, this is quite a reasonable price, given that OWC sells the Hitachi 500GB drive and case for . But this also means the stand-alone 500GB SpinPoint M6 should sell for even less than the Hitachi when other retailers get it, which will likely be soon. Like the Hitachi drive, the Samsung spins at 5, 400 RPM and has 8MB of cache, meaning its performance will only be average, but such is the price you pay when power consumption and portability are key. As with any other hard drive, you're paying a premium to have the highest capacity drive. If 320GB in your laptop sounds good enough for you cephalexin 250mg pills $117.00, ZipZoomFly has the after rebate.

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