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Avatar The Game
James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi movie, Avatar, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Fourteen years in the making, what is bound to be a blockbuster of a movie creates an entire world, with fantastic creatures, a whole ecosystem and, of course, a [cialisis in canada] terrible conflict. While the movie sounds great, video games based on movies are notorious for being lazy, slapped-together programs will little that mimics the screen play. Early indications are will be different in more ways than one. While set in the same universe as James Cameron's flick cialisis in canada, the game is actually a prequel, featuring a totally different hero and storyline. First off, you'll be able to play in full stereoscopic 3D (that is if you got a plasma or cialisis in canada DLP set that fits the bill). This is one of the first games to use the 3D effect and from all indications this is the future of gaming. Cialisis in canada there'll be a multiplayer mode where you'll pick from the human military - with their big guns and bigger mechs - or the na'vi. The Na'vi don't have access to powerful weaponry, but wield bows and swords with great skill. The movie hits theater's around Christmas. The game hits the streets December 1st, but you can pre-order now.

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