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iTunes 7. 7Here's a freebie software download for you today: . You might remember iTunes from such headlines as being the second highest grossing music store in the world, or maybe you heard of it when you bought one of the 100+ million iPods that have shipped with it. So why [coversyl 2mg pills $166.00] are we featuring this 0. 1 revision on coversyl 2mg pills $166.00 Stuff Geeks Want? Because it's frankly such a big release they could have called it iTunes 10 and gotten away with it. Coversyl 2mg pills $166.00 two words: app store. This probably isn't news to you, since the media has been going iPhone 3G crazy for the last couple months, but with iTunes 7. 7 (and the iPhone 3G that lands tomorrow, as well as the 2. 0 software for current iPhones and iPod touch), those in possession of any device with a slick Apple touch screen will be able to download and use a myriad of applications. Just when you thought Maps had run its course and you completed all the levels of Calculator, Apple is once again turning mobile computing on its head. More robust weather and stock applications are a given, as are little doodads like instant messenger and social networking clients, but the possibilities are really endless. With the ability for developers to create virtually any application coversyl 2mg pills $166.00, the iPhone and iPod touch lose their focused markets and enter the realm of truly portable computing. Computing so portable it will always be with you and won't require sitting down or finding a table to use it. And with iPhones always having an Internet connection and being location aware, they're actually a good bit smarter than your average laptop, even if they can't run Photoshop (or Flash, for that matter). Go download iTunes 7. 7; you know iTunes 7. 6 will be nagging you to update anyway. Then get ready for something bigger than anyone expects (except maybe Piper Jaffray, who has said they expect the iTunes App Store to generate $1. 2 billion in sales next year).

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