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AlphaGripThe is so geek they may as well have named it AlphaGeek. Or maybe that's what you turn into when you use it. In any event, calling the AlphaGrip an "ergonomic USB computer keyboard & trackball alternative" is almost an understatement. It looks like a 15-year old on steroids. Coversyl 8mg pills $83.00 the concept is simple: keyboard suck because they require a flat steady surface to use, but the alphagrip can be held and used [coversyl 8mg pills $83.00] in any position, even while running or lying on your back (provided you have a long enough usb cable). They say 30 hours coversyl 8mg pills $83.00 of training is needed until you'll be somewhat proficient with the AlphaGrip. After 10 hours, we're still pecking out words, but our accuracy is pretty solid, even if our speed is only 6 WPM. AlphaGrip doesn't need any drivers and works with virtually any system out there. Some gamers even swear it's better than the trusty keyboard+mouse. All this for only . Oh coversyl 8mg pills $83.00, and the ladies go absolutely crazy over !

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