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MyBat 3200mAh iPhone iPod BatteryAs any iPod or iPhone owner knows, [deltasone 10mg pills $109.00] Apple likes manufacturing devices with sealed internal batteries deltasone 10mg pills $109.00, meaning once the juice runs out, you're stuck until you can find a power source to recharge. Deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 unless you pick up an external battery, like the mybat 3200mah from handhelditems. com. We'll be the first to say that external batteries are far from ideal, and when it comes to looks, the deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 MyBat won't be taking home any diamond tiaras. But from a value perspective, MyBat can't be beat. Its 3200mAh lithium-ion battery stores about three times the power of the iPod or iPhone's battery, which means you can go for days without a power outlet. And, yes, the MyBat is rechargeable—it's not one of those one-time-use batteries. MyBat will cost you , but you can save $7 with the coupon code 3200mah. Considering other external batteries with considerably less capacity cost quite a bit more, we'd call this a deal.

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