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We've told you about the and the , but you may not have heard about the new HD pocket sized video camera from Kodak. The Zi6 is sure to make a huge splash when it hits store shelves in October, for two reasons: 1. It captures video at 720p and 60 frames per second. Yes, it's a real HD quality video camera that truly fits in your pocket (dimensions are 2. 5 × 4. 5 × 0. 9 in. ) unlike the that "fits" in your pocket, but is a little bulky, to be honest (though we're pretty sure it takes slightly better quality photos than the Zi6 will). 2. It only costs $179. 99. That's right. . . well under $200 for an HD quality video camera. You really can't beat that. PC users will get some software from Kodak that will let them edit and upload their video direct to Youtube, while Mac users will love that the video comes is captured in standard h. 264 video format, meaning [diarex 30 tablet bottle $106.00] you can just dump it into iMovie, and away you go. Diarex 30 tablet bottle $106.00 it'll also take still photos, so you don't have to carry three camera's with you just to capture all your shots and video. It also supports up to 32GB SDHC memory cards, meaning you can expand it to capture hours of video, versus the lower time limits on the all-in-one Flip or Vado. The Kodak Zi6 is powered by "AA" batteries, so you should never run out of power, and it comes with two rechargable AA's and a wall charger. If you find yourself out of power, just grab two more at a local store, and you're back in business. I can't wait for this thing to hit the shelves. , and be one of the first to own it when it ships. Oh, and pick up some big SDHC memory cards while you're at it: Try a for around $130 or get these excellent for around $60 (And yes, the HC part of the SDHC designation is important. It's what makes the cards work for video at diarex 30 tablet bottle $106.00 these large sizes. . . they're faster than standard SD memory cards diarex 30 tablet bottle $106.00, so keep that in mind if you're shopping at Fry's or something and think you see a 'good deal'. )

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