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diNovi Mini
Logitech's is the Bluetooth keyboard your media center computer always wanted. The tiny keyboard fits in your palm, features a full keyboard dipyridamole 25mg pills $140.00, and an integrated dual-purpose ClickPad, which works [dipyridamole 25mg pills $140.00] as both a trackpad for cursor control and a directional pad to navigate menus. In other words, it will be maddeningly frustrating to use for more than a short while, but simply perfect for browsing your media or casually surfing the Web. Dipyridamole 25mg pills $140.00 what's not dipyridamole 25mg pills $140.00 to like? well, for starters, the price: $149. 99 at retail. For a keyboard. That you probably won't use much. But the real kicker is no official Mac support. That means the Mac mini hooked up to my TV will be doing without it until Logitech can get some Mac support out there. (but for a limited time save 30% at Dell with coupon code 739PKVBXNL?Z3L, which knocks the price down to below $100)

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