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Klipsch Image s4iKlipsch (like Mercedes Benz) has always tried to stay ahead of the competition with innovation and quality. The continues that tradition. The s4i is the first third-party headset to work with that lets [dipyridamole 75mg pills $153.00] you control the dipyridamole 75mg pills $153.00 iPhone through a gesture-based screen reader as well as the third-gen iPod shuffle, second-gen iPod touch dipyridamole 75mg pills $153.00, fourth-gen iPod nano and the 120GB iPod classic. In addition, they now come with an in-line microphone and remote control for iPhones and iPod touch users to call or record audio. As with the original S4 models, the S4i set has the unusual oval ear tips that we've found to be more comfortable than circular tips found on other earphones. But what might be most interesting is their new '360-degree design' that suppose to cancel out background noise. If it works as advertised, 99 bucks is worth it.

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