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Every geek has been talking about the this week, from to to effexor 75mg pills $98.00, and we have to agree this thing is taking off with people looking for a simpler way to shoot video. Effexor 75mg pills $98.00 this thing is drop-dead simple to use and very portable. The Flip can hold up to 60 minutes of video (or [effexor 75mg pills $98.00] 30 minutes if you're a cheap-skate) in VGA quality (640x480 pixels) on 2GB of built-in memory. It's actually very good video when you consider you've only spent $150 on the 60 minute version. The integrated USB arm that has the software for editing on it means you alway have everything you need to transfer video off of the Flip onto your laptop (or your effexor 75mg pills $98.00 friend's laptop) when you need it, and you can then quickly and easily edit your video before you upload it to YouTube or your other favorite video sharing site. But it at Amazon for .

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