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Norman Copenhagen StrainerA strainer? Are you kidding me? Wait, wait—a $60 strainer? Be cool, fellow geek, here's why we're featuring this: it's so simple yet so smart, every geek can appreciate it. Designed by Boje Estermann at the European design firm [flomax 0.2mg pills $248.00] Normann-Copenhagen flomax 0.2mg pills $248.00, this rubber strainer (with a stainless steel bottom) is capable of collapsing to a fraction of its height, flomax 0.2mg pills $248.00 meaning your strainer no longer needs to occupy a cubic-foot of cabinet space. While the sense of "why didn't I think of that!" sinks in, point your browser to . And don't forget to brag to your friends that your new strainer won the Good Design 2005 and Observeur Design 2006 awards.

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