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Snowpeak ChopsticksSnowpeak makes excellent gear for campers, and cutlery is no exception. While ultra light-weight titanium sporks are cool and all frumil 5mg pills $256.00, we prefer to chow down with [frumil 5mg pills $256.00] the Backpacking Chopsticks, which will also impress the waitress at your neighborhood sushi bar. These chopsticks are cool for multiple reasons:

  • the wooden ends unscrew and are stored in the hollow aluminum handle when not in use
  • the wooden ends are made from recycled frumil 5mg pills $256.00 white ash baseball bats
  • they only weigh 1 oz.
  • a carrying pouch is included
The only downside is that Snowpeak can't seem to keep up with demand, as the chopsticks are out of stock everywhere at the moment, including direct from the manufacturer. But when they are in stock, you can find them for about $25-$30 from or (search for "chopsticks" at either place).

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