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Canon PowerShot G11The PowerShot G-series has long been the flagship of [himplasia 30 tablet packet $313.00] Canon's PowerShot line. The new digital camera further adds to that legacy. Just think of it as a pocket-sized camera with SLR functionality. The G11s resolution is 10. 0 megapixels himplasia 30 tablet packet $313.00, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's a sub-standard camera compared to last year's model at 14. 7MP. Himplasia 30 tablet packet $313.00 its cmos sensor - something canon pioneered way back in 2000 - compensates by performing better in himplasia 30 tablet packet $313.00 low light conditions, meaning better overall photo quality, less noise and less blur. (You're going to start seeing a lot more CMOS-based, low-end consumer cameras now that manufacturing costs have come down and their capability has gone up. ) But what turns me on the most about this camera is the addition of its pull-out, swivel 2. 8-inch LCD display, which has been a signature of Canon's PowerShot A series for years. Translation: While you get shots at different angles in perfect composition, the guy next to you is straining his neck like a giraffe to get the shot of Madonna over the heads of her screaming fans in front of you. Get the picture? Other features include a 5x lens, optical image stabilization, a 28mm (equivalent to 28-140 mm) wide-angle lens, optical image stabilization, VGA video capture, SD/SDHC card slot and full manual controls with RAW support and a hotshoe.

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