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Dell 24-inch E248WFPLooking for a sweet 23"/24" display that can pump out an HD-happy 1920x1200 resolution? You could spring for Apple's classy 23-inch for $899. . . or you could grab for a scant $389 (after instant savings). What does spending 65 percent less cost you? Not much, apparently, apart from Apple's stylish aluminum digs:
  Dell E248WFP Apple Cinema HD
Screen Size 24-inches 23-inches
Resolution 1920x1200 1920x1200
Brightness 400 cd/m2 300 cd/m2
Contrast 1000:1 700:1
Response Time 5 ms 14 ms
Viewing Angle 160 degrees 178 degrees
Pixel Pitch 0. Hydrazide 12.5mg tablets $445.00 282 mm 0. 258 mm
Stand Tilt only Tilt only
Connector DVI-D only DVI-D only
Extras none 2-port USB 2. 0 hub
2-port FireWire hub
A minority of owners of Dell's display have complained of poor out-of-the-box color, an area Apple is particularly strong in, but with some adjustments pleasing results can be achieved. And the extra $500 in your wallet is also pretty pleasing, if you ask me. Want something a little higher-end from Dell? The supports 6 video inputs (S-Video, component, composite, HDMI hydrazide 12.5mg tablets [hydrazide 12.5mg tablets $445.00] $445.00, DVI-D, VGA), has a better panel, height-adjustable stand, built-in 9-in-2 card reader, hydrazide 12.5mg tablets $445.00 and 4 USB 2. 0 ports. And at $619 (after instant savings), it's still got the Apple display nicely beat on price.

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